RepeatExplorer error during blastx parsing
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3.2 years ago
kaleb.gatto ▴ 10


I started to use bioinformatic tools recently and I am trying to run RepeatExplorer in a local instance. When I run the software it happened the following error:

Parsing blastx (reads to domains) output...
2019-05-21 15:20
reading blastx tables
16 files total../blastx/blastx.0.gz ..../blastx/blastx.1.gz ..../blastx/blastx.10.gz ..../blastx/blastx.11.gz ..../blastx/blastx.12.gz ..../blastx/blastx.13.gz ..../blastx/blastx.14.gz ..../blastx/blastx.15.gz ..../blastx/blastx.2.gz ..../blastx/blastx.3.gz ..../blastx/blastx.4.gz ..../blastx/blastx.5.gz ..../blastx/blastx.6.gz ..../blastx/blastx.7.gz ..../blastx/blastx.8.gz ..../blastx/blastx.9.gz ..merging tables....done
reading cls file ...done
matching clusters with blastx results..Error in split.default(X, group) : first argument must be a vector
Calls: tapply -> split -> split.default
Execution halted
exit status:1

I tried to look at blastxParse.R script, as well as clsMerger.R, but I did not realize anything to fix this problem. Do you have any tips to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance Kaleb

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