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Course: Phylogenetic Comparative Methods

When : 23-27 September

Where: Free University Berlin (Germany)



1) Dr. Francesco Santini (

2) Dr. Bruno Frédérich (

This course will introduce students, researchers and professionals to the theoretical and practical aspects of generating ultrametric trees, reconstructing trait evolution and investigating rates of lineage diversification. It will consist of both lectures to cover theory, as well as practical tutorials.

The course is structured in modules over five days. Each day will include an introductory lecture with class discussion of key concepts. The remainder of each day will consist of practical hands-on sessions. These sessions will involve a combination of both mirroring exercises with the instructor to demonstrate a skill as well as applying these skills on your own to complete individual exercises. After and during each exercise, interpretation of results will be discussed as a group. Students will be provided with previously published datasets that have been selected to highlight some of the complexities of various types of methods and analyses, as well as to reproduce the type of dataset that they migh use in their own research. Students are also encouraged to bring their own dataset in case they want to seek input from the instructors on how to set up analyses of their own data

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