Scientific Assessment of Software that Promises Reproducibility?
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2.4 years ago
gartician • 0

Hi y'all, newb question here. WIthin bioinformatics there is decent selection of tools to enhance reproducibility such as workflow managers like snakemake, package managers like conda, containerization software like docker, VM's and cloud service, etc. I've been trying to find research papers within bioinformatics that show an improvement in reproducibility (e.g., among 3 independent runs, between different OS / clusters, before and after implementing these software to a pipeline, etc.) when using one / a combination of these software. Does anyone know of a paper as described? This may seem like an easy task, but maybe I'm searching with the wrong keywords? Eventually I want to adapt my pipeline to using these software, but I want to see the efficacy of said software before finalizing my 'meta-pipeline.'

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