diffbind dba.plotvolcano bLabels option use genames instead of numbers
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23 months ago
theodore ▴ 80

Sorry for the reposting from the bioconductor forums but this might be a more suited place for my question

So am using the diffbind R package and I was doing some plots after analyzing my samples. By using the dba.plotVolcano and the option

bLabels = TRUE

I can have the location of those 50 genes that are on the top of the list. That is great but is not that informative Is it possible instead of the numbers to plot the gene names?

thank you all,

P.S. is it possible to import the table to another package and plot the volcano plotting function, as described in the following link? https://www.gettinggeneticsdone.com/2016/01/repel-overlapping-text-labels-in-ggplot2.html what do I need to transform or change?

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