Go Partition Database or another like tool
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2.9 years ago
Vincent Laufer ★ 1.8k

Does the Go Partition Database, or any like entity, still exist on the web?

To clarify, I want to group pathways together into higher-level super pathways or ontologies. Specifically, I would like to do more than group the pathways based on information content; if at all possible I would like to label each one as well.

I know they can be grouped into process, component etc. using GO Slim; but I am looking for something more granular than just 3 categories, but less granular than an individual pathways.

This is what led me to Alterovitz et al. (linked above); Figure 1 contains approximately what I want, but I need a way to be able to access the database or at least run it on my .gmt file.

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I too am very interested in this. Preferably, I'm looking for an R package or other similar software package rather than an html site though. Any luck?

If I find something I will post back and let you know.


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