Modify reference fasta using bed file
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3.9 years ago
Rubal ▴ 350

Hello Everyone,

I would like to modify a reference genome fasta file using a list of position in bed file format. The bed file contains positions like this:

chr1    17716   C       G
chr1    17925   A       G
chr1    18115   C       T

So for example I would like to change the position at chr1 17716 from C to G in the fasta file. I have seen some python packages and a GATK tool for modifying a fasta file using a list of VCF positions but was wondering if there was any tool that would do this using a bed file as input rather than a VCF. Or would it be better to convert the bed file to VCF format by adding a VCF header (I'm not sure if this would work?).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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3.9 years ago
AK ★ 2.2k

If SNPs only:

$ cat example.fa
$ cat example.bed
chr1    2   C   G
chr1    4   C   G
chr1    6   C   G
chr2    1   A   T
chr2    3   A   T
chr2    5   A   T

$ seqkit fx2tab example.fa >
$ awk 'FILENAME=="" {fa[$1]=$2; next} {fa[$1]=substr(fa[$1], 1, $2-1) $4 substr(fa[$1], $2+1, length(fa[$1])-$2)} END {for (id in fa){print ">" id "\n" fa[id]}}' example.bed
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this works well thank you! I am trying to run it changing over a million positions in a 2gb fasta file. Do you recommend any change in approach for this? I'm a little concerned as it produces no intermediate output that I can't tell how long it will take. For example would sorting the example.bed speed it up or does it search through the file for each position without sorting making a difference. The only improvement I can think of would be to sort and split the fasta and bed files into smaller pieces, run independently and then merge at the end.


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