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Course: Programming with Bash and Python

Where: Free University Berlin (Germany)

When: 14-18 October 2019

Instructor: Dr. Martin Jones (founder, Python for biologists)

The idea behind this course is that we'll cover programming from two perspectives - first working inside the Bash language for simple automation of existing command lines, then moving to Python for anything involving more complicated logic.

This course is aimed at complete beginners - no previous Linux or Python experience is required. It will be helpful if you have a basic knowledge of molecular biology so that you will be able to follow the examples - i.e. you should know what DNA and protein sequences look like, what an intron is, etc. The course is most likely to be useful if you have some idea of the type of analyses that you will need to automate. If you have any questions about whether this course is likely to be suitable/useful, drop an email to the course tutor and we will figure it out.

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