Molecular timetable method based tools for circadian gene expression?
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2.9 years ago
Raito92 ▴ 60

Hello, good morning to everyone! As I stated in my previous question, I'm working on a time-point experiment about circadian gene expression in plants. You can find further details about the logic behind the experimental design in the thread I linked in the previous sentence. So, I looked the topic up in scientific literature and it looks as if the dominant method to analyze such kind of data is a logic named 'Molecular Timetable Method', first used back in 2004 on mice, but late adapted and used again on plants like in this article about tomato gene expression, which isn't the only one.

However, while looking for specific bioinformatics methods (R packages, scripts, tools, etc), I was unable to find algorythms (JTK_Cycle, ABSR, GeneCycle, Circwave, RAIN etc), stating OPENLY they relied on this kind of approach.

The articles themselves just describe the method and never expand on the bioinformatic tool (if any!) used to perform the analysis.

I wonder if any of you has any experience in the field and can help me here to find a nice Molecular Timetable based tool to perform circadian gene expression analysis!

Thank you in advance!

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