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4.0 years ago
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I'm pursuing MPhil (bioinformatics analysis of single cell RNA-seq), Department of Pathology at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). My MPhil will be finished June, 2020. Prior to the MPhil, I received BSc in Computer Science.

Currently, I'm looking a suitable job/PhD position in single-cell RNA-seq analysis in USA/Australia/Canada/UK

I am highly interested in working on single-cell bioinformatics, such as developing algorithms/computational tools/packages for single-cell RNA sequencing data. Also, I am enthusiastic to develop statistical machine learning and deep learning models for single-cell data analysis, e.g., developing deep learning methods and algorithms for batch effects correction for integrating distinct large-scale single cell transcriptomics datasets. Moreover, I have a plan to apply supervised and unsupervised machine leaning methods for clustering and cell types identification.

Thanks in advance.

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