Problem with Cytoskape/DyNets
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4.6 years ago
gspirito ▴ 10

Hello, I would like to compare two gene networks with DyNets. Basically I want to know if there are genes in network A which are significanlty interconnected in network B. I produced 2 gene networks with the GeneMania app in Cytoscape, but when I use them as input for DyNets analysis i get this error:

use createListcolumn() to create List columns instead of createcolumn for column '<name of="" the="" column="">'.

Does anyone know what does that mean? How should I produce gene networks for DyNets? (I have two lists of gene names) Is there another way to do this?

Thank you in advance.

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This could be a bug in the app or a problem on your side but we don't have enough info to decide. Which version of cytoscape and which version of the app do you use? Does DyNet work with the example data from the tutorial? How do you pass your networks to DyNet? Are the networks conforming to the app's expectations (e.g. unique network names, same attributes in the two networks...)?


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