News:Free Ensembl browser and REST API workshops: Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, 15/16 October 2019
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2.8 years ago

We will run a free Ensembl browser and REST API workshop on the Wellcome Genome Campus on 15 and 16 October 2019, respectively. You can, but do not have to attend both days.

The browser workshop is an introduction to the Ensembl project that provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of mainly vertebrate genome sequences. Our sister project Ensembl Genomes can also be covered if participants are working with bacteria, plants, fungi, protists or (invertebrate) metazoa. Find out more and register here.

The REST API workshop is aimed at researchers and developers interested in exploring the data beyond the websites. The workshop covers how to use the Ensembl REST APIs, including understanding the major endpoints and how to write Python/R/Perl scripts to call them. Find out more and register here.

Both workshops offer participants the possibility of gaining lots of hands-on experience, but also provide them with the necessary background information.

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