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Provides completely automated design of multiplex PCR with unprecedented coverage, sensitivity and specificity.

PanelPlex™ solves these problems by addressing the following:

  1. PanelPlex™ saves several months ( 6-9 months on average ) of iterative experimental trial-and-error optimization. Increase your business by scaling your multiplex PCR assay design process – make more assays, faster time to market, and with higher efficacy.
  2. Produces diagnostic quality designs.
  3. Wet-lab validated results. 4.Automated consensus design of multiple variants of DNA or RNA targets.

Designs around a wide variety of potential artifacts such as: false negatives caused by target secondary structure, undesired primer-primer interactions, false primer-amplicon interactions, false amplicons to background genomes, and low coverage due to sequence variations. PanelPlex™ uses ThermoBLAST™ “playlists” to scan for off-target hybridizations that cause false-positive tests. Massive data capability — PanelPlex™ can handle large playlists such as human genome, human RefSeq, human microbiome, bacterial diversity panel, soil microbes, or all known viruses.

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