Meaning of minus ("-") sign in frameshift protein variant nomenclature
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2.0 years ago

Hi all,

I am new here. I was looking at the protein variant and i could not get any explaination for minus sign in it. Please help me to interpret.

The protein change is listed as p.(Met230Ilefs*-102).

Searched in HGVS recommendations for frameshift variants but could not find explaination for minus.

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I'm not sure this is proper HGVS nomenclature. You can have situations like this:

p.Gln151Thrfs9 (not p.His150Hisfs10)

the first codon at the DNA level affected by a variant is His150 and the shifted frame starts with a HisThrSer…. Since frame shift variants start with the first amino acid changed the description p.His150Hisfs*10 (or p.His150HisfsTer10) is not correct.

but I haven't seen a hyphen after a frameshift in a p. before. Where did you get this annotation?

Alternatively, do you have the genomic coordinates (g.) that could be used to check the nomenclature or annotate using a variety of the online annotation services?


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