News:EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Biological Oscillators: Design, Mechanism, Function
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24 months ago

Symposium Overview

Oscillations are abundant - from hormonal oscillations with periods of days and months, to genetic fluctuations in the range of hours (circadian clock, embryonic oscillators), and metabolic and biochemical oscillations in the order of minutes (glycolytic oscillations) and seconds (Calcium-dynamics) - oscillations are central to biology across different temporal and spatial scales. At this symposium multiple disciplines will come together in order to discuss common mechanisms underlying the generation of oscillations.

This symposium aims to further strengthen a new, highly interdisciplinary community composed of scientists from very different fields and who share a common interest in oscillatory phenomena and biological dynamics. As such, this meeting provides a unique platform for this emerging new community working at the interface between quantitative biology, complex oscillatory systems and physics.

LOCATION & DATES EMBL Advanced Training Centre Heidelberg, Germany 8 - 11 Nov 2020


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