CONTRA for CNV: lack of output images from CONTRA
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2.9 years ago
ogcmail • 0

Hi there !

I am analyzing a set of WES tumor samples for which I don't have matched-normals, although I have 6 independent normal samples. As for the detection of CNVs, I first run CONTRA on the normal samples to create a baseline of normals (by executing, and that was fine.

Furthermore, I run contra to detect somatic changes in CNV on the tumor samples, by using the baseline of normals (i.e., -c baseline_from_normal_samples.pooled2_TRIM0.2.txt). Apparently the execution of was OK, as I got no output errors.

Command line used (example for sample 1):

contra --minExon 100 --minReadDepth 5 --minNBases 20 --nomultimapped --plot --bed -c baseline_from_normal_samples.pooled2_TRIM0.2.txt --target ROCHE.bed --fasta $REFERENCE/hg19.fa --test $BAM/sample1.RECALIBRATED.bam -o sample1 --sampleName sample1

My question is regarding the plots I am getting in the Contra output. I would very much be interested in getting plots as the ones that are shown in figures 5A and 5B of the Contra paper (, although I am not able to get them and those are the most common CNV output images. I am just able to get several plots with density information (

Am I missing something in order to be able to get with Contra those figures that I am interested in?

Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day !

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