Job:Job: Post-Doctoral Researchers/Bioinformaticians needed in Henan University
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Post-Doctoral Researchers/Bioinformaticians are WANTED

Institute: Henan University

Department: State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Adaptation and Improvement

Subject: Bioinformatics/Genomics

Group: Fu-Hao Lu

Position: Post-Doctoral Researchers/Junior Researchers

Location: Kaifeng, Henan Province, P. R. China

Posting Date: 5 Dec 2019


The Biology subject in Henan University is under the National 'Double-first Class' priority construction discipline. There are two National Key Laboratories in Life Science College: State Key Lab of Cotton Biology / State Key Lab of Crop Stress Adaptation and Improvement. Crop Stress Lab is aimed at the stress-related studies in crops/plants. The bioinformatics group in Plant Stress Lab analyses genome/transcriptome -assembly, differential gene expression, epigenomics, gene finding and function verification with the new generation sequencing and bioinformatics tools.

Fu-Hao Lu, listed in Distinguished Professor of Special Telant Zone in Henan University, have been working on the genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic studies of bread wheat, Aegilops tauschii, and Brassica napus. He was involved in a series of genome assemblies, such as bread wheat TGACv1 / IWGSC v0.4 genome, Aegilops tauschii genome (Aet_MR1.0 version), bread wheat BAC chromosome 3DL; He also contributed to data mining in the interdisciplinary field of biology and computer science, as well as the construction / programming / utilization of bioinformatics platform. The current studies focus on several aspects as below: 1) crop genomics; 2) gene expression and adaption during polyploidization; 3) Effects of epigenomics on polyploidy.


The Post-doctoral researcher position is immediately available in the Bioinformatics group. This project will address important questions that implicate those differences among three sub-genomes and changes upon plant polyploidization in bread wheat. The goal is to identify and validate some gene expression patterns and the underlying mechanisms. Highly motivated PhDs with strong background in bioinformatics, biochemistry, and / or molecular biology are encouraged to apply.


1) PhD expertise in Bioinformatics/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

2) Experience with the management and analysis of BIG data, or a programming language (like Python, Perl, Ruby, C, C++ or Java), or statistics would be a plus

3) The candidate is expected to contribute towards the design and implementation of researches and to prepare results for publications and for presentations at scientific meetings

4) Candidates who can do full-time jobs

5) With good skills of English writing; Would be better if with excellent SCI publications

6) Enthusiasm to researches, ability to work independently and cooperatively


1) Henan University will support RMB 100K to start your research;

2) Total annual salary should be no less than RMB 160K, as well as annual house compensation at RMB 18K.


Address: State Key Lab of Crop Stress Adaptation and Improvement, Kaifeng, Henan Province, P. R. China



How to Apply

Please send your curriculum vitae (including a short introduction, education/research history, a publication list, projects involved, expertise/skills) and related qualifications (scanned PhD certificate, programming certificate / github repositories, or any other supporting documents) to the E-mail address above.

Welcome enthusiastic talents. This is a long-standing job recruitment. Please do not hesitate to email LUFUHAO@HENU.EDU.CN if you have any question.

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