Unequal length with aligned blast fasta sequences
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3.8 years ago

Here is my objective. I run blast using either sequence or search nucletide option using scientific name and gene name. Example: Leptopelis cytb or rna I get a list 1658, then select all send to file then drop down menu i select fasta aligned, but there is fasta complete. I used fasta aligned but when I run i get errors. So, what is the solution? Error your sequence number 81 is not equal to previous sequence. Add gaps? But I can not add gaps manually for many sequences. Even if i am solving this somehow, would it be better to download the whole complete sequence? But I am not sure what those sequences will be. Are they part of the same gene sequence or do they include other genes of the same individual? i plan to build trees. Basically want to collect similar genes, save them, and may be do alignment and trimming of the sequences of the same size.

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