Replicate papers (beginner)
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23 months ago
bl4val • 0

I have a strong mathematical and computer background (also with machine learning) and would like to switch to bioinformatics. I know a fair amount of biology. But I find it hard to find real world practical training in this field. So I would like to try to replicate some bioinformatics papers (with their provided data). Good beginner papers for me would be shorter ones where the biological problem is well stated and the problem is also fitted in to the bigger scope (or is just easily understandable). Do you have any papers to recommend?

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23 months ago
Mensur Dlakic ★ 15k

In most of Nature Protocols papers that can be accessed from the list below you will have step-by-step instructions how to do the whole procedure. It is a matter of picking a topic that interests you.

If you want more reading material, a similar list of papers from Nature Methods should give you plenty to consider.


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