More haplotype threads than expected
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17 months ago
cmirchan ▴ 10

Hello vg-team,

I have a graph that I created and indexed using:

vg construct -v vars -r ref -a >
vg index -x graph.xg
vg index -G graph.gbwt -v vars

The VCF used for construction has phased genotypes for all 7 chromosomes, so I would expect 14 haplotype threads. However vg paths reveals many more than that, 945.

 vg paths -g graph.gbwt -x graph.xg -E
_thread_ZI284_NC_004353.4_0_1   127100
_thread_ZI284_NC_004353.4_1_1   127104
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_0   932781
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_0   932778
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_1   627525
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_1   627553
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_2   992875
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_2   992884
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_3   113038
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_3   113036
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_4   319932
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_4   319953
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_5   102680
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_5   102686
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_6   122150
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_6   122160
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_7   41509
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_7   41514
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_8   62633
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_8   62637
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_1_9   422021
_thread_ZI284_NC_004354.4_0_9   1177293

I see there are two 'main' threads:


What are the other threads? And what does the 'x' represent? Are they just parts of the collective thread?

Thanks, Cade

vgteam vg • 350 views
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17 months ago
glenn.hickey ▴ 240

Ambiguities, conflicts or missing data in the phasing information in the VCF will cause the haplotype threads to be broken up. Adding the -P option to your index -G command to force phasing at unphased genotypes may resolve this.

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I remade my index with the -P option, but still resulted with 945 paths. Is there anything else I could try?

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Sometimes haplotypes contain alternate alleles of overlapping variants that make no sense together (under the vg interpretation of the VCF). By default, this causes a phase break in GBWT construction. With option -o, the construction will use the reference allele for the variant that occurs later in the file in such cases. Together with -P, this option will guarantee haplotype paths spanning the entire contig. However, in some cases the paths will end up using edges that do not exist in the graph.


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