Job:Junior researcher or post-doctoral researcher for the Food Nutrition Security Cloud, Maastricht/NL
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4.1 years ago

The research position is part of the European FNS (Food Nutrition Security)-Cloud project. FNS-Cloud ( will overcome fragmentation problems by integrating existing FNS data, which is essential for high-end, pan-European FNS research, addressing FNS, diet, health, and consumer behaviors as well as on sustainable agriculture and the bio-economy. Current fragmented FNS resources not only result in knowledge gaps that inhibit public health and agricultural policy development, and the food industry from developing effective solutions, making production sustainable and consumption healthier.

As a larger context for the work linked to this vacancy, FNS-Cloud will provide data and analytical tools to allow three demonstrators; agri-food, nutrition & lifestyle, and noncommunicable diseases & the microbiome. This should facilitate:

  1. Analyses of regional and country-specific differences in diet including nutrition, (epi)genetics, microbiota, consumer behaviours, culture, and lifestyle and their effects on health (obesity, noncommunicable diseases (like diabetes), including the roles of ethnicity and traditional foods), which are essential for public health, and agri-food and health policies;
  2. Improved understanding of agricultural differences within Europe and what these mean in terms of creating sustainable, resilient food systems for healthy diets; and
  3. Clear definitions of boundaries and how these affect the compositions of foods and consumer choices and, ultimately, personal and public health in the future.

You will be involved in building the infrastructure for the FNS-Cloud infrastructure. This will include the development and application of advanced methodologies for data prepartion, analysis, and visualisiation. The following takss are essential for building the FNS-Cloud infrastructure:

  • Pre-processing of Food and Nutrition data (quality control, data pre-processing using existing (but possibly amended) workflows, normalization, and basic statistics
  • Curation and annotation of Food and Nutrition data (included both capturing of study descriptions and data preparation needed for analysis and integration)
  • Integration of Foof and nutrition data, including (FAIR data capture) tool and ontology development
  • Analysis and visualization of Food and Nutrition data (mostly based on existing tools like PathVisio and Cytoscape, possibly with new plugin development)
  • Implementation of secure food and nutrition services (making services available in the cloud, integration in workflows and providing software containers).

In addition, the researcher will be part of the demonstrator study within FNS-Cloud on noncommunicable diseases & the microbiome. This will include developing an analysis pipeline for the integration of metagenomics and metabolomics data and their integration.

More info and instructions on how to apply here:

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