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3.7 years ago
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Precision Oncology is an innovative approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment that leverages the most detailed and accurate data that is available - often times including molecular data like genomics, Transcriptomics , etc. Precision in treatment means it is specifically designed and targeted to a patients unique form of cancer. It’s the science of using each patient’s individual genetics. Precision oncology looks at the genes that are mutated or have different levels of expression, estimating how these changes are causing risk or for their cancer to spread. The objective is to create a treatment protocol just for that individual, based on those molecular biomarkers. This approach is different from the usual “one-size-fits-all” that is usually the case with cancer treatments available for all. Precision Oncology is not a new concept and has existed for a while.

The major challenge that lies in improving the practice of precision oncology and effectively implementing this for patients. To help students and researchers learn more about Precision Oncology, we have launched a new program starting on March 2020 - "Bioinformatics for Precision Oncology 2020".

This program help you learn about how to study cancer in the context the molecular or genetic signatures of diseased tissues and its classifications. You can also explore how -omics data can help researchers and doctors to define/analyze precisely what is going on and develop a series of questions about diagnostics and intervention.

Pre-register here:

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