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Biostar is divided into several sections:

The Questions tab is meant to help users find answers to well defined and specific bioinformatics questions. Most importantly the tile must be formulated as a question.

The Forum tab displays all other generic posts that do not have a designated location. Note that while the Forum post requirements are more relaxed the topic of the posts must still be bioinformatics or biological data analysis

The Planet tab contains blog posts by existing users as well as short summaries and links to external blog sites. For external blog posts only a short description is shown, to read the full post follow the link.

The Guide tab contains guides and tutorial posts that describe a particular technique or methodology.

Moderators may reclassify posts if they believe to be better suited to a different section. To reach the moderators you may use the comments below each post or see the About page for contact information.

Logged in users get small notification in the tab displaying the number of new posts in a tab since their last visited.

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