What are the min/max of the MaxEntScan software ?
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4.4 years ago
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The link that I presume should have explain the min/max values interpretation of the MaxEntScan software for splicing regions is dead. That link tells you to go to that link but there is nothing that explains the scores. According to an Ensembl issue, @ima23 states:

Hi Damian,

The scores represent the maximum entropy scores of the model the authors built to reflect the difference between the reference splice region and the splice region with the variation (see Eng et al. 2004: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14695534). Quite important is the difference between the reference and modified sequence. For min/max values you could have a look at the info & data on their website: http://genes.mit.edu/burgelab/maxent/Xmaxentscan_scoreseq.html.

Best wishes, Irina

In the paper:

Also, it can be argued that given two sequences of differing scores, the higher scoring sequence has a higher likelihood of being used.

But what if we obtain one score ? How am I supposed to know if that score is low or high ? What is the "threshold" ? And what is the min/max possible score one could obtain in MES ?

Thanks !

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