Mira assembler with IonTorrent
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21 months ago

Hello people.

I am using the assembler Mira in some iontorrent readings. Did anyone else use it?

The assemblies are being completed, however, I want to know how to improve the performance of the process. In the MIRA manual, there are MANY parameters; therefore, if anyone knows which ones are best for assemblies with iontorrent readings, I would be grateful.

So, could anyone share how to improve the way of writing the "manifest.conf" file for this data? This is the file I'm using:

project = ClostridiumAutoethanogenum
job = again, genome, accurate
parameters = -NW: ctp = no --hirep_good
readgroup = SomeUnpairedIonReadsIGotFromTheLab
data = /media/../../Genomes/SRA/ClostridiumAutoethanogenum/SRR1748018.fastq
technology = iontor
segment_naming = sra

Thank you very much in advance.

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