Sciclone cluster all around y=x
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16 months ago
April • 0

I am trying to use Sciclone to do clustering on my paired diagnostic and relapsed WES data. However, all the clusters in each patient are around line y=x. But I expect to see some clusters like the cluster 4, 5 in the example figure, which was only in the diagnostic or only in the relapsed sample. How can I fix this?

example figure: Figure 3a

"Miller, Christopher A., Brian S. White, Nathan D. Dees, Malachi Griffith, John S. Welch, Obi L. Griffith, Ravi Vij et al. "SciClone: inferring clonal architecture and tracking the spatial and temporal patterns of tumor evolution." PLoS computational biology 10, no. 8 (2014)."

example Figure 3a

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15 months ago

This may in fact be the case - some tumors do not evolve much over time, or are largely homogeneous, in which case you would expect to see everything on the diagonal!


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