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11.1 years ago


I am not aware of a feature/option to send a PM to any user on the Biostar network. Wouldn't it be nice to include as it will eliminate the need to search for email id (hidden anyways) and the email user about something. Some users may want to talk about something which can be expressed as a comment/question and if it can, then might not be a interest of everyone.

I think having Inbox would be a cool addition, what you all say.


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11.1 years ago

I toyed with the idea a bit myself but then dropped it for the first release. There are some issue with the implementation, we do not require email addresses for users, and this also opens some opportunities for ending up with unwanted emails.

One possibility is adding private messages that would only visible for the user, and appear in their activity feed. If you open a GituHub issue on this we'll add it to the feature list that way it gets more visibility and we could get someone to implement it, (another benefit of knowing Python besides R ;-) )

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Thanks, I will write on GitHub asap. PM should also have a flag, private or public, if the user doesn't want the content to be shown in public in the form of feed else it would defeat the purpose of the PM. Also, I should definitely revise my scripting language skills now :)


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