News:Online Live TScourse: Introduction to Python for Biology (Transmitting Science) July 13th-17th, 2020
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Introduction to Python for Biology - July 13th-17th, 2020

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Python is a user-friendly and powerful programming language commonly used in scientific computing, from simple scripting to large projects. This workshop will provide hands-on practice in a biological context for beginners, with very limited prior programming experience. This course is designed to be very applied, and we will explore Python tools of immediate help to the working scientist. After completing this course, participants will be able to apply Python programming automation to their own research problems and should be equipped to continue their own Python learning. While this course will focus on data analysis using Python, participants will gain language-agnostic principles of programming, like automation with loops and encapsulation with functions, that will serve as best practices for their scientific computing.


Graduate or postgraduate degree in Life Sciences and a basic knowledge of Statistics. While some Python knowledge is useful, the course will cover basic Python skills necessary to input, clean, and explore data as well as build and evaluate machine learning models.

All participants must bring their own personal laptop and a good internet connection (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

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