How to download specefic gene of all speices strains
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2.1 years ago
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Hello Biostar ! I hope you're doing well i want to create photogenic tree using 16 s of chlostridium difficile , for that i need to download all the 16 s gene of all the strains that below to chlostridium difficile , is there any command line i can use to do that , i tried ncbi-genome-download , but they said i have to add the NCBI taxonomy ID ( so i have to look for all the ids of all the 16 s gene in all the strains ) , is there any easy way to do that

Thank you very much

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  1. There is no easy way to do this. Even if these genomes were (2300+) were well annotated you would still need to download them and then extract the genes.
  2. If these are truly all strains of the same species what do you think their 16S rRNA genes would be like? Or is your aim to verify if that claim is true/correct.

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