Tool:ToolDirectory: dynamic visualization of softwares managed by a Bioinformatics Core Facility
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17 months ago

ToolDirectory provides a convenient tool to display list of softwares in a graphical way along with dynamic data filtering capabilities. It was primarily designed to help end users find their way among several hundred of bioinformatics tools installed on our supercomputer DATARMOR at IFREMER. But is can be used in other contexts, if needed.

The tool relies on a standard way of describing softwares: EDAM Topic and Operation terms, installation types, supported platforms, packaging, etc. Then, these description "facets" are available for dynamic filtering of softwares directly in the viewer.

ToolDirectory provides a way to go from an "ugly" terminal listing:

  ├── blast
  │    ├── 2.2.31
  │    └── 2.6.0
  ├── plast
  │    └── 2.3.2
  ├── beedeem
  │    └── 4.3.0

to something like this:

enter image description here

Try it yourself online at:

ToolDirectory is a free open-source package available on Github:

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