gff3 format, modENCODE, score and ChIP-Seq
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12 months ago
mkh ▴ 40

Hi All,

I am using a ChIP-Seq data from mod-ENCODE website. The file format that I have downloaded from this website is based on gff3. The 6th column of this file (pasted bellow) belongs to score which ranges from + to - score. First of all I am not sure what is this score about? Is it the summit confidence score in ChIP-Seq file? If this is correct, should I consider + scores as high confidence score?

3R      Regions_of_sig_enrichment       binding_site    59267   65577   4.45931943749468        .       .       ID=enriched_region_1

3R      Regions_of_sig_enrichment       binding_site    67918   69286   0.805761299428922       .       .       ID=enriched_region_2

Thanks, M

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