Survival Analyisis in cancer patients
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18 months ago

Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I am a student who is currently developing his bachelor degree's final and I am planing to perform an analysis of some MIA family proteins on prognosis of cancer patients. One of the things I am doing is checking if other ECM related genes expression could be correlated to that of MIA family proteins. Using bibliography and some databases I have checked some type of cancers where this protein family is upregulated and downregulated compared to healthy tissue. In cbioportal I have correlated some ECM genes with the MIA family proteins, but now I want to link the expression of MIA to patients' survival with the cbioportal data. However but I can't seem to do this in this website. Do you have some idea of how can I do it there or if I should download the data and perform some kind of hand made analysis? thanks!

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Sorry, it seems that your words are wordy, it is hard to understand what you want to present. Correct me if I am wrong.

Briefly, you have a matrix whose rows are patients, columns are genes, elements are expression levels (up or down regulated)? now, you want to related the expression levels of each gene to survival rates of cancer patients ?


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