error in TXIMPORT command for RSEM
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2.2 years ago
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Hi, I have downloaded the HT seq counts data (gene expression data) from TCGA for BRCA. I have files in *.rsem.genes.results format

when I run command:

txi.rsem <- tximport(files, type = "rsem", txIn = FALSE, txOut = FALSE)

It is giving me this error:

reading in files with read_tsv
1 Error in computeRsemGeneLevel(files, importer, geneIdCol, abundanceCol,  : 
  all(c(geneIdCol, abundanceCol, lengthCol) %in% names(raw)) is not TRUE
In addition: Warning message:
Unnamed `col_types` should have the same length as `col_names`. Using smaller of the two

when I read one file through read_tsv, it looks like:

> tmp <- read_tsv(files[1])
Parsed with column specification:
  gene_id = col_character(),
  raw_count = col_double(),
  scaled_estimate = col_double(),
  transcript_id = col_character()
> tmp
# A tibble: 20,531 x 4
   gene_id     raw_count scaled_estimate transcript_id                              
   <chr>           <dbl>           <dbl> <chr>                                      
 1 ?|100130426       0      0            uc011lsn.1                                 
 2 ?|100133144      65.5    0.00000178   uc010unu.1,uc010uoa.1                      
 3 ?|100134869      32.5    0.000000639  uc002bgz.2,uc002bic.2                      
 4 ?|10357         504.     0.0000316    uc010zzl.1                                 
 5 ?|10431        5298      0.000150     uc001jiu.2,uc010qhg.1                      
 6 ?|136542          0      0            uc011krn.1                                 
 7 ?|155060        564      0.00000604   uc003wfr.3,uc003wft.3,uc003wfu.2,uc011kup.1
 8 ?|26823           1      0.0000000788 uc011mlh.1                                 
 9 ?|280660          0      0            uc010nib.1                                 
10 ?|317712          0      0            uc010ihw.1                                 
# ... with 20,521 more rows

Is there a way tximport will deal with this kind of TCGA data?

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2.2 years ago
Asaf 8.9k

This is clearly not RSEM output, it doesn't contain the length column, I think this is what's throwing the error. How comes the gene_id looks like it? Is it "?" in the input files?

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yes, I agree, but I got to process this data I got from TCGA - BRCA (HTseq counts) project, to make a matrix of TPM.

there are genes in the tmp obj starting from row 30 :

> tmp[30:40,]
# A tibble: 11 x 4
   gene_id    raw_count scaled_estimate transcript_id                                       
   <chr>          <dbl>           <dbl> <chr>                                               
 1 A1BG|1          356.    0.00000549   uc002qsd.3,uc002qsf.1                               
 2 A1CF|29974        0     0            uc001jjh.2,uc001jji.2,uc001jjj.2,uc001jjk.1,uc009xo~
 3 A2BP1|547~       10     0.0000000723 uc002cyr.1,uc002cys.2,uc002cyt.2,uc002cyv.1,uc002cy~
 4 A2LD1|877~      276.    0.00000495   uc001voq.1,uc001vor.2,uc001vos.2                    
 5 A2ML1|144~      705     0.00000468   uc001quz.3,uc001qva.1,uc001qvb.1,uc010sgm.1         
 6 A2M|2         29840.    0.000283     uc001qvj.1,uc001qvk.1,uc009zgk.1                    
 7 A4GALT|53~      470     0.00000680   uc003bdb.2,uc010gzd.2                               
 8 A4GNT|511~        5     0.0000000874 uc003ers.2                                          
 9 AAA1|4047~        0     0            uc003tdz.2,uc003teb.1,uc003tek.3,uc010kwo.1,uc010kw~
10 AAAS|8086      2439     0.0000410    uc001scr.3,uc001scs.3                               
11 AACSL|729~        0     0            uc003mjk.2,uc011dgk.1,uc011dgl.1

Can we make a matrix from this kind of data through tximport? I need a TPM matrix from TCGA BRCA data set, and I can get it if I will get txi$abundance ..

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...but, wait a second, you have HT-seq counts data, so, why were you trying to import it as RSEM? - they are different.

If you have HT-seq counts, then import them to DESeq2 via DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(), or take a look here:

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Hi, thanks, it makes sense, but I do not want to detect differentially expressed genes - I want to convert a matrix with counts (either raw or normalized) to TPM matrix, So count matrix that contains all samples in columns and all genes in rows can be converted into TPM matrix?

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Before we become completely confused here, which data have you downloaded? It has been implied that you have both HT-seq and RSEM data, but these are produced from different methods. Only the HT-seq files will contain a raw count, whereas RSEM files will contain an estimated count. If you literally point me to a file that you downloaded, I will be in a better position to assist.

Generally, though, to calculate TPM, you need to know the gene CDS length, which you currently do not have; however, it can be obtained in different ways.

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yes, i am sorry and thank you for being patient with me! this data is also new for me, so I followed these steps to download the data from TCGA using ""TCGAbiolinks" package in R, although I have download the whole data set, I am making it simpler here, to download for a few samples, so that it will be easier for you to see this data and get a grip:


# You can define a list of samples to query and download providing relative TCGA barcodes.
listSamples <- c("TCGA-E9-A1NG-11A-52R-A14M-07","TCGA-BH-A1FC-11A-32R-A13Q-07",

# Query platform Illumina HiSeq with a list of barcode 
query <- GDCquery(project = "TCGA-BRCA", 
                  data.category = "Gene expression",
                  data.type = "Gene expression quantification",
                  experimental.strategy = "RNA-Seq",
                  platform = "Illumina HiSeq",
                  file.type = "results",
                  barcode = listSamples, 
                  legacy = TRUE)

# Download a list of barcodes with platform IlluminaHiSeq_RNASeqV2
GDCdownload(query = query, directory = 'BRCA_test', method = 'api')

If you will run these commands, you will see the files are created in dir "BRCA_test", each folder contains files with extension *.rsem.genes.results

The file looks like the one I mentioned in my original query, containing gene_id, raw_counts, scaled_estimates, transcript_id.

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Now, I am able to get a dds object from DESeq2 package for this data using:

dds <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData = BRCA_mat,
                              colData = sampleData,
                                   design = ~ condition)

I used "raw_counts" to generate "BRCA_mat"

Now my question is from raw count matrix, can I get TPM matrix.

I am aware that I will need featureLength, meanFragmentLength to calculate TPM - but given the data I get from TCGA, I do not have this data on length.

So is it possible to get TPM or even FPKM matrix from raw count martix?

Even if I will get FPKM, I will convert it to TPM. Thanks.

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I see - thanks. You can calculate TPM from the BRCA_mat object; however, you will still require the gene lengths. The TPM calculation is elaborated ere:

DESeq2 does not produce TPM data. However, you could easily use DESeq2 to produce variance-stabilised or regularised log data, which are 'better' than TPM, in my opinion.

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And even if i do this: dds <- estimateSizeFactors(dds) counts(dds, normalized=TRUE)

Will these normalized counts be equivalent to TPM?

I think not, This is just dividing each column of

counts(dds) by sizeFactors(dds)

but it will not normalize for gene length,

so I want TPM matrix from raw counts matrix. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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