Different annotation category for DNA Binding Domains in Uniprot
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16 months ago
manaswwm ▴ 170

Hello Biostars,

I would like to present a case of two uniprot ids, both have GO:Molecular Function - "DNA binding Transcription Factor Activity", which in my case makes sense because I am specifically working with list of Transcription Factor (TF) ids. The link for these two entries in uniprot are : https://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q8GW17, https://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q8W2F2. For Q8GW17 - the DNA-Binding Domain is annotated ( Functions --> Regions -->DNA Binding Domain), however for Q8W2F2, there is no corresponding entry "DNA Binding Domain". For Q8W2F2 - I observe an entry for Domain in Family & Domains (which also exists for Q8GW17, however for this the actual domain information is not shown), and this Domain entry looks to correspond to the DNA Binding Domain (assigned by PrositeRule - https://prosite.expasy.org/rule/PRU00981).

Following is my query: - Given that both are TFs, is it not true that both should have an entry in Functions-->Region-->DNA Binding Domain? - should I take the Family assigned Domain to be the DNA Binding Domain for Q8W2F2?

Thanks for any inputs!

EDIT - Q8W2F2 is a protein belonging to bHLH Transcription Factor family, I tried to see if this "DOMAIN" (and not "DNA Binding Domain") annotation exists for other family members and it turns out it exists for almost all other proteins belonging to this family.

Best, Manas

P.S - I posted this request in the ebi-proteins-api group today but I realized the group is not very active, so I deleted that post and am posting it here

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