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Bioinformatics Data Analyst

Job Description

Scionics Computer Innovation seeks to recruit a highly motivated individual who will be integrated into an existing team dedicated to scientific computing and bioinformatics data analysis. This team provides services within an academic research institute and works with research groups and scientists to analyze and interpret biological datasets. A strong understanding of molecular biology, statistics, and bioinformatics techniques is therefore essential along with excellent communication skills and an enthusiasm for scientific data analysis.

This is a full-time, onsite position (Dresden, Germany), with salary based on experience. Scionics may provide assistance with moving costs.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop software both to automate repetitive steps in bioinformatics analysis workflows and answer novel biological questions raised by research scientists
  • Provide a walk-in consultation service for small-scale biological data analysis including phylogenetics, orthologue searching, domain annotation, and basic protein structure prediction
  • Analyze large biological datasets, primarily, but not exclusively produced, from NGS experiments
  • Consult with researchers on appropriate bioinformatics techniques or statistical tests for their scientific research
  • Keep current with scientific literature and community efforts with regard to cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and techniques
  • Maintain the bioinformatics web pages offering links to bioinformatics web-tools, databases, and other resources
  • Work as part of the interdisciplinary Scientific Computing team on all aspects of large data analysis, visualization, and presentation. This could include involvement with sequence analysis, image analysis, and software development projects

Essential Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • PhD or Master/Bachelor degree with equivalent experience in biology, biostatistics, computer science, or another field related to bioinformatics
  • Programming skills in R, Python, or equivalent language
  • Experience with Unix and basic shell scripting
  • Ability to search, read, and understand scientific research articles with a biology or bioinformatics focus
  • Knowledge of molecular biology and genetics and experience working with wet lab biologists on data analysis projects
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Ability to work in a team

Desirable Experience:

  • Experience in at least five of the following topics:
  • RNAseq data analysis tools for mapping and differential gene expression
  • Genome/transcriptome assembly and annotation
  • Bioinformatics techniques for sequence similarity searching, gene expression profile clustering, GO-term mapping, and SNP analysis
  • Bioinformatics techniques for novel gene or protein annotation and characterization
  • Bioinformatics techniques for phylogeny reconstruction
  • Data analysis and visualization using R/Bioconductor
  • Analysis of large datasets using techniques to ensure reproducibility
  • High performance computing environments, queuing systems, and pipelining tools such as SnakeMake
  • Statistics expertise and machine learning tools
  • Software development/engineering experience in languages such as Java/C++
  • Experience/interest in analysing datasets of mixed data types, including biological image data


Contract: Scionics offers favorable contract conditions and salary based on experience.

Corporate culture: Scionics is an SME with strong ties to academia. If you work here, you will meet a lot of international people (~50% of your colleagues would be non-German) and get a good opportunity to broaden your horizons not only culturally but also with regard to modern science. The work environment in Scionics is informal, with less bureaucracy than a big corporation (but not as chaotic as a start-up).

Location: Scionics is headquartered in Dresden, a beautiful but still affordable city. The position will be based at the MPI-CBG, Dresden. The Scionics offices are located close to the river Elbe, with residential areas within walking distance. According to WirtschaftsWoche, a German business magazine, Dresden with its 500,000 inhabitants, is the most dynamic city in Germany.

Company stability: Scionics is a privately held, profitable company.


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV, cover letter and any other relevant documents to: with the subject “Bioinformatics Data Analyst”.

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Is this an international opportunity or for German/EU residents only?

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Sorry for the late reply - thought I'd answered but somehow failed to press send.

It is valid for anyone who could legally work in Germany. As far as I know this includes non-german German/EU residents. But you can send and email to and ask directly - we are relatively informal outfit and those queries will answered.


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