How to analyze host-switching events for multi-host bacterial pathogen?
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17 months ago
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I read a article about Campylobacter fetus that is a multi-host bacterial pathogen.And C. fetus cat jump into different host-species populations.To infer the host-to-host transmission patterns of C. fetus,this article reconstructed the ancestral states for the internal nodes of the phylogeny and quantified each specific type of host transmission.

I have similar data for another multi-host bacterial pathogen.I also want to quantified each specific type of host transmission and get a graph like Figure 1c of the above article.According to the method of this article,I used the BEAST v1.7.5 package to jointly estimate the substitution rate, a dated phylogeny and the reconstruction of host ancestral states using a continuous-time Markov chain(CTMC) discrete model.I get the Log File and Tree File by running BEAST,but I don't know how to get the transmission rate and the Bayes factor of each host transmission.

Thanks a lot, hope to get your suggestions!

The article link:

Population genomics beast bacteria host jump • 316 views

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