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3.8 years ago

Hi all!

We just launched (, an open platform of online journal club/seminars, which may provide free resources that you can take advantage of (especially during the COVID lockdown).

In the spirit of open science, we hope to facilitate communication between scientists across boundaries through video conferencing. Things you can do on Open Box Science:

  1. Join existing open seminars on the synced Google calendar, including those from Dana-Farber, Global Immunotalks, AD Afternoon Talks, and Mount Sinai Transformative Disease Modeling seminars. Other than these, 5+ first-authors are also scheduling Open Box Science presentations in July. Please let me know you'd like to broadcast your existing seminar series here too.
  2. Invite/host your favorite authors: You can use the platform's template to invite your favorite authors (especially first authors, and scientists at any level can/should feel free to invite others) to present and hear first-hand their stories instead of needing to "guess what the authors did" in a traditional journal club.
  3. Present and promote your work: You can also practice presenting and promote your recently published work to a wider audience on Open Box Science.

Please also feel free to let me know if any you have comments/suggestions. Thank you!

Breathe and Smile, Kuan

Kuan-lin Huang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genomics Mount Sinai Center for Transformative Disease Modeling Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, NY 10029


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I've changed this to a News post rather than a Forum, as it's more an announcement than an open-ended discussion, just an FYI.

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Please feel free to share the message/retweet!


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