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17 months ago
manojevodevo ▴ 30

Dear member,

I have serious concern regrading the comments provided by few of the moderators and members in each post. This website is full of maximum unnecessary answers.I have a humble request to few members not to write unnecessary comments on any post. Some of the suggestion provided have no connections with the question asked or sometimes few people ask questions instead of providing any clues. I feel main problem lies with the naive moderators (I don't have idea what is the qualifications required for being a moderator in Biostars). Might be they are simply master students or new phd candidate. Respected moderator, since you are a moderator that does make you eligible to write comments on any post as you like.

While answering any question, please make sure not to do so because of the students and researchers in several countries don't have proper guidance like you all have. Hence they are here to ask question from expertise. You behavior and answer may demoralize students or researcher and hence they may be afraid to ask questions in further. For few of the moderators, please keep in mind this is not your classroom nor your dinning room to make fun of any students. And i request the responsible person to recruit experience moderator. To other members, please dont believe each post blindly. That may land you in trouble.

I feel is loosing its fame because of few people and if necessary steps is not taken at the earliest, this site will also be dead very soon.

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