enrichKEGG and ridgplot from differential analysis gene data
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17 months ago

I have done the differential analysis using DEseq2 and I would like to plot the ridgeplot and enrichKEGG using clusterProfiler package. The package required the entrez gene ID and my result object contain gene symbols. I have tried to `# this translates the Gene from MSfragger to something enrichgo can read

gene.df <- bitr(gene, fromType = "SYMBOL", toType = "ENTREZID",OrgDb = org.Hs.eg.db) geneList <- gene.df$ENTREZID names(geneList) <- as.character(gene.df$SYMBOL) geneList <- sort(geneList, decreasing = TRUE)

When I use the above code I get an error --> No gene can be mapped.... --> Expected input gene ID: 14187,74551,13118,56451,52538,93747 --> return NULL...

Is there a way in which this can be done better

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