eCLIP-seq peak calling using HOMER
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15 months ago
dahun73 ▴ 10

Hello, world!

I have a question for HOMER peak calling algorithm. Homer has peak calling tools called 'findPeaks'. It has also CLIP-seq data analysis option called '-style clip'. In webpage, however, there is no information about that. Is there anyone who knows there homer CLIP-seq peak calling algorithms? I tried using this option, yes. It is well adapted all the experiment. I mean that it is well fitted all the experiment. It can be used any other experiment for Input data. For example, IP sample is eCLIP-seq data, but Input sample is GRO-seq or totalRNA-seq data. It is possible. But other tools(CLIPper, PureCLIP, Peakachu, ...) are possible. It can be only same Input experiment. So, I'm really curious about this peak calling algorithm.



RNA-Seq CLIP-Seq HOMER Peak Algorithm • 503 views

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