Tool:Maker 2: A Portable And Easily Configurable Genome Annotation Pipeline
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11.6 years ago

MAKER2 is a portable and easily configurable genome annotation pipeline. It's purpose is to allow smaller eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomeprojects to independently annotate their genomes and to create genome databases. MAKER2 identifies repeats, aligns ESTs and proteins to a genome, produces ab-initio gene predictions and automatically synthesizes these data into gene annotations having evidence-based quality values. MAKER is also easily trainable: outputs of preliminary runs can be used to automatically retrain its gene prediction algorithm, producing higher quality gene-models on seusequent runs. MAKER2's inputs are minimal and its ouputs can be directly loaded into a GMOD database. They can also be viewed in the Apollo genome browser; this feature of MAKER2 provides an easy means to annotate, view and edit individual contigs and BACs without the overhead of a database. MAKER2 should prove especially useful for emerging model organism projects with minimal bioinformatics expertise and computer resources.

Yandell Lab's website and link to Maker

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Could you please tell me how long it take to annotate a bacterial genome assuming genome size 5mb. And more over after your upload how long you have to wait to start the job??


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