protein - lncRNA interactions
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3.3 years ago
glady ▴ 320

Hello everyone,

I have an RNAseq data of a human cell line, with three experimental conditions(having 3 replicates each). The depth of all the samples is >80M. The same samples were also sequenced for small RNA(miRNAs), with help of some miRNA target prediction algorithms and databases I was able to predict some sponge circuits in my RNASeq data.

Similarly, I was hoping to find some information on interactions between these protein and lncRNAs in the sponge circuits. Are there any recently updated databases or R packages available to perform such analysis? Or any machine learning algorithms?

Some validation on these sponge circuits might help me to solidify my results.

Thank you in advance.

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Can you elaborate on the experiment? I'm not sure RNAseq alone can give you information about protein-lncRNA interactions. Maybe with a bit more information someone can help.


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