How to properly analyze following GEO DataSets
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10 months ago

Hi all,

I am wondering whether my process for analyzing (and creating clustering maps) for the following two datasets is correct: GSE150847 and GSE145926.

I tried using getGEO but that does not seem to be correct as it is giving me 0 features for both accession values.

After looking at the download options on the GEO Accession viewer webpage, I have two questions:

  1. Supplemental files: In the supplemental files section, the former (GSE150847) allows me to download a .tar file which has CSV and H5 files, while the latter (GSE145926) allows me to download a .gz which has TSV files inside. Should I download these files in the supplemental section, or am I approaching this wrong?
  2. If my step one is correct, how would I create appropriate SingleCellExperiments with the data in the CSV/H5/TSV files? Is this even the right step in creating clustering maps?
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