Good Books/Resources to learn metagenomic analysis?
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15 months ago
jimpinney ▴ 10

I've been searching around to find some good resources on metagenomic shotgun analysis but I can't really find any. I've read the biostars handbook section but it mostly covers 16S analysis. I'm specifically interested in long read (a la Nanopore) metagenomic sequence assembly.

I'm a newbie to this field, and from what I can tell, a generic assembly pipeline would look something like FastQC -> CANU -> some sort of unsupervised binning software -> RACON and then on to classifying and such.

In theory my goal is, I want to be able to go out into the woods with a minION, sequence some random soil bacteria, and be able to tell what bacteria it is, what it does, and also be able to identify any novel bacterial genomes present.

Am I on the right track here and can anyone point me in the direction of good resources, or have advice?

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my last take on this was a workshop discussion 2/3 years ago, when the error rate made it very experimental and a bitchallenging. I guess that still holds true, but this is what it makes exciting, too ;-)

I would fill the gap of the unsupervised binning software with metabat2, classification with Kajiu or Kraken2, but in general I would start with a pipeline close to what you sketched out.

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15 months ago
colindaven ★ 3.3k

Sounds interesting.

This paper might be useful:

  • Assembly - tools already mentioned, + metaflye
  • Polishing
  • Gene finding - prokka etc. Perhaps Maker ?
  • interproscan for protein sequence analysis. Also diamond
  • blastn vs genbank for finding novel contigs without hits
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15 months ago
Mensur Dlakic ★ 15k

This resource cover all the steps of assembly and annotation:

There are links to software tools and recipes for individual steps.


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