Seeking Articles Regarding Gene Module Creation
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14 months ago
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I am looking for studies that have created gene modules, similar to this: Chaussabel et. al. 2008

Specifically, I am looking for studies where the modules were created by the authors and then shared publically. I am not aware of any aside from the ones generated by the paper above. I have found many studies that reference these Blood Transcription Modules (BTMs), but not many that made their own (or something similar), and none that have done so and published their results.

Is anyone aware of any such studies?


P.S. - Any additional tips of how to track this type of thing down would be welcomed! I have been searching google and PubMed for keywords like "Gene Modules", "Blood Transcription Modules", "Transcriptomic Modules" etc. and looking through citations contained within the precious few that I have found. Is there a better way to do this?

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