Cytoscape General SPARQL: unable to follow the "tutorial"
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3.7 years ago
bdelepine ▴ 10

Hi all!

I am looking for a way to reach SPARQL endpoints from within Cytoscape Desktop to enrich custom network.

I saw Cytoscape app "General SPARQL" which seems to be exactly what i am looking for, however I am wondering if it is maintained and if it is still working. I tried it (v. 1.12.160407, last update 4 years ago) with Cytoscape 3.8 but was unable to follow the "tutorial" since I do not have the "Query" button (Apps > General SPARQL > ...).

Any tips would be most welcomed!

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3.7 years ago
scooter ▴ 620

As you point out, that App hasn't been updated in quite a while. I would suggest reaching out to the authors (click the E-Mail button on the App Store page for the App) and see what might be happening. I loaded the App and I don't see the "Search" button, but I would imagine you would have to do Configure Connection before anything else.

-- scooter


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