Nexus file in Beast
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3.0 years ago
axelwilhelm ▴ 120

Trying to open Beast with a nexus file and get this:

[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.

Maybe Beast does not like the nexus format

Maybe I have to convert my file to XML

By the way, I have never been able to open anything in Beast so it might be a bigger problem

Using BEAST v2.6.3, in an Anaconda environment on a Linux system. Starting the program from the terminal

Question is: how do I convert my phylogenetic tree file to something that makes Beast happy? I have tried xml but Beast did not like that either (not sure if the file was valid). Best scenario would be to just tweak my nex file so Beast would like it

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You should be able to import a nexus file into BEAUti relatively easy. You can then make a configuration file in the xml format from there.


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