Can somebody more learned than me help explain what these two questions are asking?
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19 months ago
Voyboy488 • 0

So I am tackling an introductory bioinformatics course and I am kind of confused on what the following questions are asking to be honest, not really asking for homework help, but to simply explain how I would go about solving these?

Here is one Q:

I am not sure if I am supposed to draw 5 different trees for the 5 different positions here?

Isn't the answer WWWWW? Cos if you do 5 trees, position 10 is the most parsimonious and doesn't have any mutations but i don't know if I did this wrong...

Here is a second Q:

I am given two structures here, I calculated the energy for the structure on the left using the tables provided for example at the top their is a 6 base hairpin so table shows that as 4.3 then we have UG to UA and that is -0.5 then their is a 6 base internal loop and that has 2.5 energy. Anyways I did this for the rest of structure 1 and added up all the numbers and got -2.3 so I'm pretty sure its correct.

But I am not sure how to do structure 2... Starting at the top its a 6 base hairpin no problems, then we have UG to UA and that's no problem, but then the internal loop is that a 3 base loop or a 4 base loop? Cos the C is under A I'm not sure if its included in the loop.

That's it from me guys, thanks!

Question Parsimony Turner energy rules • 527 views
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Please see How to add images to a Biostars post to add your images properly. You need the direct link to the image or the HTML embed code, not the link to the webpage that has the image embedded (which is what you have used here)

These don't look like questions from an introductory course. I've taken algorithm deep dive courses that deal with problems like the ones above, they're certainly not at a beginner's level.


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