htseq-count without GTF?
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2.1 years ago
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I have a genomic alignment for IP vs. input files. I want to count the coverage of an entire feature to do FPKM of the IP vs. input to see if there was an enrichment after IP. The features I want to check are NOT genes, but areas in the genome like promotors, enhancers and so on, There is no GTF for them, I only have a bed file with locations.

I came across the tool htseq-count - it looks like what I need, only I don't have a GTF. I saw a few R packages too, but they too require a GTF.

What can I do? can I run it without? (I checked the manual and didn't see such an option) Is there another way to check?

Thanks for your help,

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2.1 years ago
ATpoint 66k

Use featureCounts, check its custom SAF format which you can use to count over any genomic position of choice.


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