How can I filter/extract called peaks based on their peak height?
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19 months ago
jiekwo1 • 0

Hello everyone,

So I am working with ATAC-seq data and wondering if there is a way to extract peaks that are above a certain threshold. For example, I want to extract peaks that are above the red line shown in the picture. Is this something I need to do at the time of peak calling? or can it be done after peak calling?

I am very new to ATAC-seq field so it's difficult to phrase what I am looking for into the right sentence. so please bear with me.

For your information, I just have bed and bigwig files.

If anyone could walk me through how to do that, I would greatly appreciate it!

All the best,


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Technically you could do this based on some custom scripting that first extract the summit coverage and then subsets the peaks but that is cumbersome. I would rather filter for significance as peak height and width alone is influenced by a number of factors including technical ones such as mappability and GC content of the underlying DNA sequence. If you find that macs2 produces many small non-sensish peaks then yes I agree, that is why I abandoned it for ATAC-seq. I mean, it was developed for ChIP-seq where you had a lot more noise compared to the relatively clean ATAC-seq data. I like the Genrich peak caller, see You can set parameter for minimal peak length, AUC, and significance and it even can take replicated samples.

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thanks for your reply! I am going to try Genrich.


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