Analysis of GSE dataset in Cytoscape
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7 months ago

Hello Everyone,

I have analyzed a GEO dataset with the help of the GEO2R tool and obtained the differentially expressed genes. I cannot import the data, which is in excel format of differentially expressed genes in Cytoscape for further analysis. Can anyone help me with the procedure of loading GSE data in Cytoscape?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Cytoscape can import any sort of tabular dataset. The challenge is matching the steps with your analysis goals. So, more information is needed in order to help. For example, if you have a network loaded in Cytoscape and you want to import GSE data, then you simply need to have the data in a tabular format (csv, tsv, Excel, etc) and then File > Import > Table from file... If this doesn't address your problem, then please provide more details about what you are trying to accomplish in Cytoscape. Here are some starter resources: * Cytoscape tutorials * Cytoscape manual * Cytoscape videos


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